Roulette for Winners

Roulette for Winners!

You will always find that the ball rotate in the opposite direction as the wheel. One can also choose to play roulette on a single zero wheel, or double zero wheel.


Playing roulette onlineĀ is very different to playing in a live casino . At Vegas Palms Casino, the offer is different and stylish. Play the French style the traditional way, is enjoyable and so much fun. The atmosphere is created with the ambience, music in the background and one can almost smell the cigars coming from the “Gentleman’s Bar”. Just listen and feel the great sounds of the chips, and the rolling of the ball on the roulette wheel!


The table is laid out the traditional way before modern software did all the thinking and calculations for you. It is most definitely more challenging and enjoyable, as you can think for yourself. With roulette at this casino, I found winning to be more regular. You may choose to use the options in &#34Expert” mode to your disposal in setting bets. Play European style with call bets and winning odds of 36:1.


Light up your cigar, sip on that old whiskey or wine, and relax whilst enjoying your favourite game of roulette. And if you find the style too out of date, you can choose a different roulette table at Sun Vegas Casino as they have many styles to choose from. Enjoy this “Golden Oldie” ride.