Slots Rules and Payouts

Slots Rules and Payouts

While this may be the case on some Slot machines, it does not apply to all. If you know your Slots rules, this will really help you when deciding which Slots are right for you.

It is very important that you don’t commit yourself to playing hte first online Slot game that you come across. Preview and review the different types of games to find the ones that best suit you. You should also look for high payback slots. Some Slots pay out more often than others do¬†and you can detect this by reviewing the Payout Percentages.

Online Slots Payout Percentages usually range from 94% – 98%. In the case of a machine with a 95% payback, this means that for every $1 wagered, the machine pays out $0.95. In addition to the Payout Percentage, it is important for you to know the probability of every payout on the pay table.

A Basic Slot Machine will have a payout schedule for the amount of coins bet and depending on the value of the coin size bet, the payout will vary. For example, if you bet 1 coin on a Basic Slot, the payout might be 500 coins. If you bet 2 coins, the payout might increase to 1000 coins and a bet of 3 coins might increase the payout to 1500 coins. Let’s say the coin denomination is $0.50, your Payout on a 3-coin bet would be $750 ($0.50 x 1500). If the coin denomination was $1, your payout on a 3-coin bet would be $1,500.

The best way to examine a payout schedule is to look at the lower winning combinations. You will have better luck choosing a machine that offers the most money for the lower and medium winning combinations, because the machines are programmed in such a way that the lower and medium symbol combos are the ones you hit most often. If you play a machine that has a high maximum payout without examining its other payouts, you will most likely walk away from that game an UNhappy camper.

Here is a prime example of how to choose the right online slot game. If you have 1 slot machine that has a pyout of 20 coins on a 3-coin bet for the lowest winning symbol combo and another which has a payout of 30 coins for a 3-coin bet for the lowest winning symbol combo, which would you choose? The choice should be quite clear. You would choose the higher payout for the lowest winning combo, right? It’s not rocket science, it’s just knowing the Rules.

If you decide on playing Progressive Slots, there are some important facts you should know about Progressive Slots payouts, namely:

Each payline offers a chance to win. So, even if you bet on 1 payline or 10 paylines, you will have a shot at winning, if a winning combo is hit. Betting on Multiple paylines means that you bet more coins; but, most importantly, it means that you get more bets in one spin of the reels.

The max bet on a Progressive machine can be calculated very simply as Fixed bet X number of paylines. So, if a Progressive slot has a fixed bet of $0.50 and 10 Paylines; then the max bet would be $5 ($0.50 X 10).

You should always play the maximum number of coins in order to increase your chances of hitting the Progressive Jackpot.

The chance that a Player will win on a Progressive machine is about 2%.

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